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Rabbi Daniel Obadia -Rosh Hayeshiva
Rabbi Yehuda Eliyahu -Rosh Yeshiva
Rabbi Shalom Silberberg -Rosh Kollel
Rabbi Daniel Bak -Second Seder Rebbe
R’ Nadav Menashe -Shoel U'mashiv
R’ David Rabanipour - Shoel U'mashiv

Yeshiva Chachme America

Yeshiva Chachme America, a division of Hachaim Vehashalom, is a full-time Yeshiva.  The Yeshiva is for post high school bachurim who want to learn at an advanced level.  The Yeshiva has three sedarim a day with daily shiurim on Gemarah and Halacha.  The bachurim learn Gemarah, Halacha and Mussar.  The Yeshiva is led by Talmedei Chachamim and Rabbis who lead by their own personal example and experience to help mold the bachurim into Rabbis and leaders of the future.  The Yeshiva takes care of all the needs of the bachurim.  There is a spacious dorm and three meals a day, every day, including Shabbat and Chagim.  A stocked coffee room is available at all hours.  All the needs of the bachurim are catered to and their input is appreciated in order to best facilitate their stay in Yeshiva.

For more information please call/text David Rabanipour (516) 507-2587, or email

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